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Scouting your field to record crop diseases and pests has never been easier.  Our custom field reports include pictures, video, dictated notes with geo-tagged location details and integrated climate data to help you make more informed decisions.  You can even speak hands free on Google Glass using simple commands. Comparative image analysis can be used to match livestock sizing to an approximate weight.




intelliSCOUT® includes a fully integrated dashboard web console for viewing, sharing, and managing field data.  Users can review recent and archived field data stored in the cloud from any device. Having a library of field reports can help indicate historic changes in crop performance. Gathering geo-tagged data points on field maps help visualize the spread of diseases, infestations or field conditions.






Using artificial intelligence (AI) and vision computing, intelliSCOUT® closes the time-gap assessing crop performance to evaluate economic risk from information in the field. intelliSCOUT® was developed using a heterogeneous machine learning algorithm with endless capabilities.  Counting kernels on an ear of corn in seconds, recognizing crop color variations, plant diseases, insects, and environmental damages all in one application. The app actually gets smarter the more you use scout away.




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You have something to say about crop performance or a disease, don’t keep that to yourself, share it with the team.  Agronomists, farmers, and researchers can share valuable insights from field reports with a team or individuals within the app, via the private dashboard console, all in real time. Users may also email field reports to individuals directly. Quick simple communication helps resolve issues in the field without the lag time potentially saving thousands.