intelliSCOUT®  can be expanded to fit your specific needs. We can tailor image recognition capabilities to certain crop types and select diseases, specific insects and special genetic defects/phenotyping.  Our flexible application  can be integrated to search your own content library from a mapped cloud database which can then be accessed anywhere in the field.

It’s adaptable designed application can be customized to work with existing third party precision ag platforms. We like to think of it as playing nice with others.


Translating data collected by intelliSCOUT® yields to endless opportunities to addressing key issues in precision agriculture. Utilizing the geo-tagged reports and cross-referencing data, farmers can track the spread of diseases, infestations or field conditions.

By attaching intelliSCOUT® to a drone and using hyperspectral color image recognition farmers can gather valuable data across their entire field.  

Bringing the entire farm into view helps pinpoint solutions that will help with monitoring against nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and drought.

Having an applications that brings the agronomist, farmers, seed companies and crop consultants all together in real time will help achieve overall crop success.


It’s time to bring the farm into focus.

It’s time for intelliSCOUT.