Imagine using your mobile device to track your crop status with pictures, video, or voice dictations, while gaining predictive insights from that data using artificial intelligence and image recognition.

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Having an application that brings agronomists, farmers, seed companies and crop consultants together under one interface empowers communication and increases overall crop success.

Collaboration is directly integrated into the intelliSCOUT® mobile field application, designed to work seamlessly even in areas with poor or non-existent cellular or WiFi coverage. Making key decisions with your entire team within the field report allows precise solutions to be applied quicker, reducing the threat of depleted crop performance.

Current Capabilities:

  • Counting
  • Severity Rating
  • Pathogen-caused infection
  • Pest-caused damage
  • Non Destructive Sampling
  • 3rd Party API Integrations
  • Hands-free option on Google Glass
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Scouting fields to record crop diseases and pests has never been easier.

Custom In Field Reporting

Our custom field reports include pictures, video, dictated notes with geo-tagged location details and integrated climate data to help you make more informed decisions.

Predictive Modeling

Using the geospatial capabilities allow for predictive modeling from geo-tagged data points on field maps which help visualize the spread of diseases, infestations or field conditions.

Hands-Free Reporting

We have partnered with Google to provide the only hands-free scouting app for agriculture on Google Glass Enterprise Edition. You can speak hands-free on Google Glass using simple commands creating field reports giving you the ability to physically inspect your crops.


Agronomists, farmers, and researchers can share valuable insights from field reports with a team comprised of members in your organization or individuals within the app, via the private dashboard console.

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Through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, intelliSCOUT fuses and transforms data into actionable high-level information. intelliSCOUT’s, patent-pending, pathogen and plant identification machine learning models learn how you make choices and help you make sense of what’s happening in your fields.

Cloud Based

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All field data is captured and managed in the cloud.

Workflow Automation

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Automating the flow of data between collaborators.

Legacy Integration

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Access to key data regardless of field equipment.

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Real-Time Crop Performance

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Crop Trials

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Predictive Modeling

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intelliSCOUT® is a cloud-based mobile platform currently designed to work with smartphones, tablets or hands-free on Google Glass. intelliSCOUT® builds intelligence on top of the data you're already collecting allowing you to farm in real-time with actionable insights. Our intelligent agents can mine information from your collaborators and suppliers in order to recommend best course of action for your crops.



Here is a window into some of the UI/UX contained within intelliSCOUT®.


Increase in food production

(The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation)

9 Billion

World population by 2050

(United Nations)


Of farmers use precision data

(Business Insider)

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